GG Genetics was created by 2 outlaws Joesy Whales and Lone Watty in 2015 in Sin City
(Las Vegas NV) , these breeders are the creators of the infamous Original Glue (GG4) as well
they created some amazing clone only genetics for certified partners, such as New Glue (GG5),
Sister Glue (GG1), Purple Glue, GlueChee, I Do “Glue”, and more to come!
Original Glue (GG4) is the first one of the GG Genetics released. In 2014 GG4 was
entered into the High Time San Bernidino (LA) Medical Cannabis Cup, with the goal of placing
in the top 3. Not only did she place, Original Glue (GG4) won 1st place (at that time she won
under the name of Gorilla Glue 4) Later that year, The Original Glue (GG4) was also entered the
High Times cup Michigan winning 1st place a second time, remarkably they also took home the
1st, 3rd, and 4th in the High Times Jamaica World Cup the rest is history…. (just bought in
another win Oct 2019 1st Place High TImes Cup Oklahoma #StillWinning
Original Glue (GG4) isn’t a one time wonder that’s for sure.
A verified release of The Original Glue (GG4) about 125 certified cuttings were released at the
High Time Los Angeles Show in 2014, and the rest is history!