808 Genetics is a family-owned company that was founded on Kauai in 2014. Kauai is known as the Garden Island, is home to one of the wettest spots on Earth, and has many microclimates to test cannabis cultivars. Being born and raised on the island has enabled 808 Genetics to select the perfect microclimate to create premium seeds.
Hawaii is loved for its warm tropical weather and intense sunshine, which allow year-round outdoor crops of cannabis, giving us the opportunity to rapidly progress our genetics. At 808 Genetics, we are passionate about cannabis, and breed our prized cultivars to create new, unique, and effective varieties. All of our seeds are grown organically with absolutely no harmful pesticides, and infused with probiotics during development.
Dedicated to sungrown solutions to healthcare, we focus on growing techniques with a low carbon footprint and a high-quality result. We prefer to work with elite and exotic genetics, and are pleased to have some established clone-only cuts in our garden, as we believe they have the greatest potential to positively influence the happiness of the patient as well as the progression of the plant.
Our goal is to help the cannabis community by creating varieties that are tailor-made for specific illnesses. We specialize in strains for pain relief, post traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and appetite stimulation. We also work with strains that improve creativity and motivation.
Our family takes great pride in offering the highest quality seeds and we are honored to be able to represent the 808. Mixing old Hawaii classics with the latest trend-setting varieties, we add our own twist to please the most complex of seed collectors.